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Our Proven Strategies Help to Grow Your Medical Practice While Utilizing Your Resources Effectively and Efficiently

Driven Digital LLC specializes in health care marketing for doctors. Our Proven system is designed to connect our clients with patients who are ready and able to purchase their products and services.

Some of the Results We've Achieved For Our Clients

Below you’ll see some screenshots with some of our greatest achievements for our clients. Don’t take our word for it though, contact us and we’ll schedule a call to go over these results more in-depth and we’ll provide the proof. 

22 stem cell therapy leads in the last 24 hours!

122 stem cell therapy leads in the last 30 days!

1500% increase in overall website traffic in the last 30 days. Excluding paid traffic.

39 top-ranked keywords on Google for our personal injury client!

11 top-ranked keywords for our cancer treatment center client!

40 top-ranked keywords for our IV Therapy/Stem Cell client!

We’re producing amazing results for all of our clients. We urge you – don’t take our word for it. Call us or fill out the contact form so that you can see for yourself and eliminate any doubts.

Enroll Patients in Just 4 Easy Steps


When it comes to health care, keep in mind that many patients start educating themselves way before they set foot in a doctor's office. Connect with your audience too early, and simply you're wasting your advertising dollars on individuals who aren't ready to seek treatment. We design our campaigns to connect with patients who are ready and willing to work with a doctor.


There is a market for your products and services, you just have to tell your audience about it in a form that’s easily digestible. Many individuals struggle with chronic conditions, unaware that there may be simple treatments that can improve their quality of life and outcomes. We help you educate your target audience with the right message, one that gets them to your practice.


A person’s health is a very sensitive subject, and one that not everyone is willing to discuss and or entrust a doctor with right away. Our Mediboost program helps medical practices build the materials and reputation that inspire confidence.


By the time a lead visits your practice, they already will have a good idea of the calibre of care that you offer. Our program allows you to close leads and turn them into patients at a higher rate. This reduces your overall cost of acquisition, time spent consulting with individuals who aren’t ready to work with you, while helping you to grow your practice exponentially.

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