Social Media Marketing for Doctors

Is social media marketing for doctors worth the investment? Discover why it might not be the best use of your resources here.

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Why You Might Not Want to Waste Your Money (or Time)

As a healthcare marketing professional, I’ve seen countless times where doctors and owners of small healthcare practices blow an entire year’s worth of profits on social ads - with little to show for it! Sure, the viral nature of social media is a bit intoxicating. Everyone wants a piece of that pie, right? However, take a step back and look at the content that actually goes viral. The vast majority of it is strictly for entertainment purposes - it’s not based on advertising. When you think of social media marketing for doctors - you have to think very carefully.

Unless you have some revolutionary new service with amazing before/afters or you’re bringing a unique product to the market - you can set virality aside and focus on a comprehensive, tailored strategy to bridge the gap between your practice and your next patients.

social media marketing for doctors

Rethinking social media marketing for doctors

As a doctor, you want to reach as many potential patients as possible to grow your practice. Social media seems like an obvious choice, with billions of users scrolling through their feeds every day. However, social media marketing for doctors may not be the best use of your time or money. Here's why.

Social media users are primarily there for entertainment

The average social media user is not actively searching for medical services. They are there to connect with friends, consume content, and be entertained. This means that even if your ads reach a large audience, many of those people will not be interested in what you have to offer.

Social media is oversaturated with advertisers

Every business is vying for attention on social media, driving up advertising costs and dividing the attention of users. This makes it harder for your ads to stand out and increases the likelihood of them being ignored.

Low-intent leads are common on social media

Leads generated through social media are often at the top of the funnel, meaning they are not yet ready to make a purchase or appointment. These leads require a lot of time and resources to nurture and may never convert. In addition, low-quality spam leads are also common on social media, wasting your time and resources.

The inconvenient truth about sponsored ads, and especially social media ads

Click fraud isn’t something that most marketing sales reps will ever mention - but it’s a very credible threat. With social media, it’s a definite threat. You see, we can put a man on the moon, but there’s something right here at home that we cannot do much about: the presence of bots.

Bots are software programs designed to perform automated tasks on the internet, including social media. They can simulate human activity, such as clicking on ads or following accounts, and can be difficult to detect. This means that a significant portion of the traffic generated by social media may come from bots, not real people.

Click fraud by bots can lead to wasted ad spend and skewed performance metrics. Competitors may also use bots to click on your ads and exhaust your budget, making it harder for you to reach real potential patients.

What’s worse is that most software programs that pick up on fraud currently don’t have many features built in to detect traffic from social media. Hence, if you can’t detect it - there’s not much you can do about it.

At Driven Digital LLC, we understand the risks associated with bots and click fraud. That's why we have proprietary systems in place to detect and mitigate bot activity. Our team of healthcare marketing experts closely monitors your campaigns to ensure that every ad dollar is spent responsibly and effectively.

So, what's the alternative to social media marketing for doctors?

At Driven Digital LLC, we specialize in healthcare marketing and understand the unique challenges that doctors face when trying to attract new patients. Instead of casting a wide net on social media, we create tailored campaigns that capture leads from an audience that is closer to the end-stage of the funnel.

By targeting users who have already expressed interest in your services, we can help you capture high-intent leads that are more likely to convert. This results in a lower cost of acquisition, less time wasted on poor leads, and a greater bottom line for your practice.

If you're interested in learning more about how Driven Digital LLC can help you grow your practice, contact us for a free consultation. Don't waste your time and money on social media marketing that may not deliver results. Choose a partner who understands the healthcare industry and can help you reach the right audience at the right time.

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